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April 24, 2007


George Pedakakis

All the luck with your Phd defence!
(from a Damien's student in the College of Europe)


Many thanks George.


Juan D. Gutierrez

Nicolas, although I am in Rotterdam I am very interested in the field of your Phd Thesis, could you please give me more details to assist to your defense?

Good luck!

Juan David


Best of luck!

Emmanuel Barthe

Good luck and, above all, eat well, sleep well and laugh :-)


Many many thanks for your encouragements.

To Juan David: in my dissertation, I deal with the current state of the law with respect to tacit collusion. In brief, under EC law, the approach is by far and large structural: the Commission has so far only applied the ECMR to coordinated effects, and reneged upon the application of 81/82 EC.

Rather than joining the voices of the mainstream scholarship in the field, I show that the EC institutions and practicioners are overly enthusiastic about the efficiency of the merger reg. for preventing tacit collusion to occur on concentrated markets. I therefore assessed whether alternative approaches could be promoted, on the basis of 81/82. I come to the conclusion that - under a certain interpretation - both provisions could be used to intervene on oligopolistic markets and suggest a specific institutional framework for applying them.

I've really struggled to find a proper meaning to the concept of abuse on oligopolistic markets, but the end result looks - in my humble personal opinion - satisfactory. Will still have to convince the jury of my findings, and that's a different story.


paul dupont

good luck with your new achievement!


Bonne chance pour ta soutenance ,et comme mentionné plus haut , eat well , sleep well and laugh...

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