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May 22, 2008


David F. Petrano Esq.

Rethinking our Sanity in the “Let’s Nail OPEC and Deny Global Warming Age."

In opening, I have taken it upon myself to inter-change words to the song “I’m Proud to Be an American Where at Least I know I’m Free” to "The Lunatics Run the Asylum in the U.S.A."

Face it, the belief of G/W has set the stage towards a general economic tail-spin. In sum, most people in the U.S.A believe G/W is real; and as such, all kinds of unpleasant things are occurring such as; out-of-control petrol prices, real estate collapse and a steeply falling dollar.

Think of the economic effects of G/W like riding a horse who suddenly spooks. It does not matter what made the horse you are riding spook; the fact is, when your horse spooks, you are left with only 3 choices;

(1) allow yourself to fall-off (bad choice, like buying a water-front house, motorhome or a new SUV);

(2) hold-on and let the horse run you off to the barn (VERY bad choice, like the antitrust suit against OPEC to stop the high gas prices);

(3) hold-on and try to head towards clear pasture (safe choice, like raising taxes to Eisenhower-era 91% on America's wealthiest folks to fund re-building the transportation infrastructure to include high speed rails, subways, inter-urbans and lanes dedicated to light-electric cars (in sum, a transportation infrastructure tailored to an economy not hopelessly dependant on petrol).

The lunatics are the Article I, II, III riders who sit on their spooked horses galloping back towards the barn where they break their necks the moment their horse suddenly stops at the stall-door.

The lunatics lose site of the fact it is irrelevant whether G/W is really going to occur while assessing G/W’s present, devastating impact on our economy. They also lose site of the fact the price of fuel has risen to the breaking point.

Lunatics want more G/W studies, antitrust suits against OPEC and lower taxes so they can continue to support all the high-maintenance garbage they have been acquiring since post-Reagan tax cuts (mcMansions, motorhomes, motoryachts, face-lifts, tummy-tucks, 300+HP sports cars and SUVs).

And the band of loonies play on . . .

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