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August 07, 2008



You should be proud of yourself, being a member of such a sensible community of French speaking Belgians, in the middle of the Flemish and French maniacs.

I don't have a problem with publishing a picture of De Wever and Le Pen (although it's a bit too easy, to say the least). I do have a problem with the implication that, while (some) Flemish are language maniacs, this would never happen to French speaking Belgians.

Paul Jones

I do not see why you cannot post a paper in French on SSRN, unless they have a policy. I just reviewed a paper in German on SSRN following a link from Professor Sokol's site.


Thanks Michael, I understand your point. Yet, I just call a spade a spade when I publish a picture of De Wever and Le Pen (and I think that point is under-emphasized in Belgian politics).

As a French citizen, I have always thought that our language protectionist policies were counterproductive. I simply stick to my position when it comes to Belgium and Dutch. The best possible way to promote a language is to speak that of the other (rather than forbidding it).

By the same token, I entirely concur that French speaking belgians should speak better Dutch. But as a matter of principle, the remedy to that disease does not lie in scattering the central government. On the contrary, it lies in stronger federal education programmes with bilingual courses.


Paul, thanks for the info, I did not know that. I will certainly try.

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